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Episode 4: What does the brain do while reading?

As you’re reading this sentence, what is your brain doing? What’s actually going on as it turns a bunch of lines and circles into words that carry meaning? This week, I Wonder… explores the world of reading.

During the program, we talk to some people who have been thinking about the reading brain for quite a while: Dr. Maryanne Wolf, author of Proust and the SquidDr. Marcel Just from Carnegie Mellon University, and Dr. Charles Perfetti from the University of Pittsburgh. We also learn of an interesting story from the blog Krulwich Wonders.


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Episode 3: How has the internet changed us? (and how hasn’t it)

This week, a caller ponders about something so prominent in many of our lives…the Internet. Is the internet radically reshaping society? Or is it just another tool to allow us to do things that we’ve always done?

During our search for insight into this question, we speak to Ph.D student Patrick Kelley and Dr. Moira Burke from Carnegie Mellon University and Dr. Kimberly Young from St. Bonaventure University and the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery. We also try to illustrate this emerging technology using the humor of comedian Pete Holmes.

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