phonographWe love music, and choosing what music to use is sometimes the most fun part of making these episodes.

To give proper recognition to the artists and groups that make the music we love, here’s a list of episodes with the songs/artists contained in them.


Episode 1: When do we get our first memories?
Broken Social Scene: Pacific Theme
John Williams: Jurassic Park Theme
Jon Brion: Cubes (from I Heart Huckabees Soundtrack)
Bobby Helms: Jingle Bell Rock (Instrumental)
Air: Remember

Episode 2: Are cities good or bad for the environment?
My Morning Jacket: One Big Holiday
Robert Cray: I Wonder
Jon Brion: Monday (from I Heart Huckabees Soundtrack)
Interpol: Untitled

Episode 3: How has the internet changed us? (and how hasn’t it?)
Radiohead: Everything in its Right Place
Massive Attack: Teardrop
Broken Bells: The High Road
Yann Tierssan: La Valse d’Amelie (from the Amelie Soundtrack)
Sigur Ros: Svefn G Englar

Transit Part 1:
Calexico: Pepita
Sharon Jones: This Land is Your Land
Arcade Fire: Sprawl II

Transit Part 2:
Ratatat: Breaking Away
Cliff Martinez: I Drive (from the Drive Soundtrack)
The National: Fake Empire

Episode 4: What does the brain do while reading?
Air: Alone in Tokyo
The Thermals: Pillar of Salt
Sigur Ros: Vaka

Episode 5: What makes a sad song sad?
Bon Iver: Flume
Bear vs Shark: Mod
System of a Down: Toxicity
KC and the Sunshine Band: That’s the Way I Like It
Ben Folds: Brick
Ratatat: Cherry
Frederic Chopin: Prelude in E Minor
Daft Punk: Emotion

Generation Anthropocene: Life in the PostNatural
Grizzy Bear: gun-shy (Lindstrom Remix)
Laid Back: Bakerman

Generation Anthropocene: Climate Geoengineering
Maserati: Monoliths

Episode 6: Is there a cure for a hangover?
Sam Page: I Wonder
Brenton Duvall: That’s all (remix)
DeVante: Gin & Juice
Anitek: Grown Up
Anitek: Aniteknology
Built to Spill: Carry the Zero
Explosions in the Sky: Stay comfortable, creature
Kanye West: Good Life


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